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diabetes test

A: Fasting Blood Glucose test (at least 8 hours of fasting)
Random Blood Glucose Test
OGTT (Oral Glucose Tolerance Test)

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Q: diabetes test?
I want to get checked for diabetes. I just had my blood checked last week adn I came back slighly anemic. I had a B12 shot. I want to get tested for both types of diabetes just to put my mind at ease as it runs in the family

Where do I go-can I tell by my blood test results done last week(I have copies) and what kind of tests do I do? I have never had any problems with blood pressure

A: Fasting Blood Glucose
Random Blood Glucose
Complete Lipid Profile

These are the basic tests , the results will indicate whether you have any problem or not. The best way is to consult the doc

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Hope that you will find it helpful.

Q: Diabetes Test?
I think I may have diabetes & I am going to go to Lloyds Pharmacy to get a free test. Does anyone know how long it takes to get the results??
If I am positive does anyone know what the cost is for the prescription?? Just a general ballpark figure will be fine. Thanks!

A: straight away they give you a result , Ive been a few times before.
Good luck hun

Q: Is it required to get the diabetes test done during pregnancy?
Ive heard that some people dont even have the pregnancy diabetes test done. Ive also heard that if your urine tests come back high is sugar levels, your doctor will recommend that you do the test, but otherwise its kind of up to you. I dont know if thats true but please give me your opinions and experiences. How far along do you have to be to do the test? I really REALLY dont want to do this test at all. Im 20 weeks pregnant and i cant stop worrying about it!

A: i also didnt want to do this test. the reason being is i cannot tolerate anything sweet. i haven’t had any kind of candy or juice for almost 8 months now. i gagged on that stuff and almost puked afterwards but i just wanted to be on the safe side, just in case. i’m really healthy overall and there’s no diabetes at all in my family so i though i didnt need the test. however, gestational diabetes does not necessarily run in families and it DOES NOT have the regular diabetes symptoms! the only way to know if you have it is to take the test! my results came out pretty good (84) and i was relieved. i would be fine if i didnt take it but it would keep me worried and i would feel very guity if something was wrong..

so it is totally up to you if you want to take it, although your doctor will most likely convince you or at least try really hard. the test is usually done at the beginning of your 3rd trimester, around 28 weeks. they give you a bottle of a flavored sugary drink and you have to drink it within 5 min and wait an hr. then they take the test.

hopefully everything goes well. don’t worry about the test just yet, you’ve still got some time!
best wishes

Q: What foods or drinks cause a high reading on a blood sugar test for diabetes?
I’m going for a diabetes test and am concerned that certain foods and drinks could show a false positive.

A: Just don’t eat anything for about 12 hours before the test. This is called a fast. No coffee or juice either. Just some water.

Q: What diabetes test should I have if I have numbness and tingling in my hands, feet, ribs and face?
If the diabetes test is normal, should I ask for a glucose tolerance test too or should I be satisfied that I don’t have diabetes and pursue other causes for my tingling/numbness?

A: If the fasting blood glucose is normal then you are not diabetic and a GTT would achieve nothing. Diabetes is usually present for a very long time before you get symptoms of numbness/ tingling so it isn’t likely to be the cause of your problem. Pursue other avenues…such as neurological reasons for your symptoms.

Q: What is low & high range for pregnancy gestational diabetes test?
Just wondering the normal range (low & high) for the 1 hour gluscose test they give you when you’re 27 weeks pregnant to test for gestational diabetes. On the web, I found the high to be 140, but nothing about the low side is. I want to know what side of the range i’m on. i tested at 125.

A: High according to my Doctor was 120. Was able to control it by watching with a balanced diet (no carbs or sugars). Only tested at 120 a few times, but watched my diet closely. All went well, baby arrived a couple of weeks early 7 lbs 7 oz, healthy, happy, no problems.

Q: Is a gestational diabetes test always nessesary even if there is no threat?
I would rather not have viles and viles of blood taken out of me unless there is a high risk for diabetes. It is always a mandatory test?
Goodness, I don’t need any rude answers. This was a concern because the last time I had my blood taken I fainted. It was scary, but of course I’ll always do what’s best for the baby. Some of you are just rude.

A: Yeah, you never can tell who gets GD and who doesn’t. I know women who were overweight during pregnancy and didn’t get GD but I’ve also known really thin women who ended up getting it. Because it’s hard to predict the risk they test everyone.

Q: Should I be worried about my gestational diabetes test?
I am 28wks and had a gestational diabetes test today and it came back 140. The nurse said she was looking fr a number under 135. So now I have to go back for a 3 hour test next week. Is 140 really high? Should I be worried? What are the chances that i have gestatonal diabetes?

A: No, that’s not “really” high. It’s elevated, but not scary-high. Lots and lots of people fail the first test and go on to pass the next one. But even if you do have it, they will work with you and teach you what to do and not do so that you’ll be fine. I know it’s scary because nobody wants to be diagnosed with it, but try to stay calm and not worry. You most likely will be fine next week.

Q: How much does a diabetes test cost?
for a while i’ve suspected that i might have diabetes type 1 but not positive. currently the symptoms seem to fit, but i don’t want to spend lots on a test for just a hunch. i have insurance so i know it won’t be extremely high. Do you know the cost?

A: I had mine done years ago in a hospital. The doctor told me to go out and eat breakfast. Eat anything and everything. Pancakes and syrup, Bacon and eggs , toast , jelly ect. The to go to hospital after 2 hours and get blood drawn. 1 time. I did , and was sent a bill for $549. What a ripoff..
Best bet is buy a glucose meter and check yourself. A heck of a lot cheaper..

Good luck and pray its not positive.

Q: Can I perform a Diabetes Test using a Glucose meter?
I recently ordered a free Glucose meter in order to perform a Diabetes test in the comfort of my home. But now I have doubts whether this test can be accurately performed with a Glucose meter device.

However, if it is indeed possible, how would this test be properly carried out ?
I dont know if I got this right,but, after waiting 2 hours I then drink something like a glass of orange juice and test myself a second time ?

A: Diagnosing diabetes is NOT a do-it-yourself project. The home glucometer is accurate enough to manage diabetes, but is not a tool for diagnosis.
You don’t even know how to use the meter, so you’re bette off not gathering data that you don’t understand. One a1c test at your doctor’s office and you’ll have your answer.

Q: Gestational Diabetes test? When did you have yours and did you have to fast?
I’m having a Gest. Diabetes test done at 24 1/2 weeks. I wanted to find out if this is a normal time to get tested and if I need to fast before. My doctor is away and can’t ask him.

A: There are a couple of different tests that doctors use. One is a glucose tolerance test, one is a fasting glucose tolerance test. So you will have to get instructions from the lab if your doctor didn’t leave you clear directions. If it’s fasting, that generally means 12 hours prior to the test (you can still have water). But some of the one hour tests are not fasting, so make sure you get that info from your health providers.

Q: My Gestational Diabetes test at 27 weeks pregnant has me scared to death?
I got a phone call saying my blood sugar level was 169.
I have to do the tolerance test this weekend. I am afraid of Diabetes and poking myself.
Can someone enlighten me a bit? Also could I still pass the tolerance test possibly?
What were your levels?

A: Sometimes those tests come back high at first and when you do the 3 hour one it comes back normal. I don’t know why that is. Try not to stress about it. Everything will be ok! =)

EDIT: Gosh that was 3 years ago, so I can’t remember my levels, sorry, but I was actually border line on having to take the 3 hour test but missed it by the cutoff actually. I really think you will be ok. 2 of my friends had the same issue and had to do the 3 hour test and they passed it. Try to think positively and if you actually do have it, then you just have to get through it. It will be your first sacrifice as a Mom… (we moms are always sacrificing everything for our kids. =) It will be ok… It’s not as bad as you think and you can have someone else give you the shots if comes down to that. Really, don’t stress….=) You are more then halfway through your pregnancy and it’s not easy to go through but is all worth it in the end when you hold your baby in your arms!

Q: Is my doctor sending me for the wrong diabetes test?
I went to my doctor to get tested for type 1 diabetes because my 30 year old brother was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes two weeks ago (I’m 21).

My doctor wrote on the paper ‘2 diabetes’ and the test is called, ‘2 hour oral glucose tolerance test’.

I specifically asked him to send me somewhere to get tested for type 1 not type 2.
Why did he do this?

By the way I’m not overweight, I’m, 165cm tall and weigh 57kg (5′4, 125 pounds).


A: Ok, you have alot of points here, I’ll try to help clear things up…

first, the “2 diabetes” means “2 hour test” not Type 2 diabetes. (there is a 4 hour test, rarely done, and a shorter test as well) but the 2 hour oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT) is the most common, used for all types.

Secondly, people who get type 1 diabetes are rarely overweight, and if they were when they get it, one of the clearest symptoms is the sudden unexplained weight loss. Type 1 is an autoimmune disease. NO one knows for sure what causes it, nor how to prevent it. Obesity is only a factor in Type 2, which can often be prevented with diet and exercise.

Thirdly, yes, diabetes is genetic, and therefore can be hereditary, but you can’t “catch” it from your brother. For you to have Type 1 diabetes right now, you would have to be exposed to a trigger at about the same time he was (by the way, no one knows what the trigger is.)

So it is not impossible, but it is unlikely, that you curently have Diabetes. If you do have the genes for Type 1, like your brother does, there is nothing to say that it will be triggered in you at the same time, or at all. And there is no real way to tell if you will get it in the future.

If you are not already having symptoms of Diabetes (thirsty all the time, peeing all the time, hungry all the time, losing lots of weight for no reason), then I am afraid a Glucose Tolerance Test won’t really tell you anything. It could come back negative, and you could still get Diabetes in 2 years, 10 years, or never.

Good luck. And be supportive of your Bro…..it is a tough thing to deal with, he needs understanding, educated folks around him. I suggest you go buy a book about type 1, and always keep some sugar handy. :-)

Q: If I eat before my 3 hour gestational diabetes test will it make me fail?
I failed my one hour gestational diabetes test only with a 146 which isn’t that bad but enough that my OBGYN wants me to take the 3 hour test. I was told that the three hour test is a fasting test but the problem is I get really sick if I dont eat when my body says I’m hungry. If I eat before I go in for my test will it make my blood sugar levels come out high? Thank you for your help.

A: Yes. You MUST fast before the test to get an accurate result. If it makes you nauseous, you’ll just have to deal with it that day, unfortunately. Good luck.

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