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numbness in fingers

A: It could be a number of things including Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Ulnar Nerve Entrapment, Tendinitis in the elbow or something else.

I highly advise that you see your doctor. You probably need a referral to an orthopedic doctor. They can run tests to find out if you have a nerve trapped or diagnose whatever it is. There is also treatment available including splints, hand therapy, cortisone injections and as a last resort surgery.

Until you see the doctor, I would recommend that you use ice on the swollen and painful areas for no more than 20 minutes at a time, rest it and keep it elevated above your heart.

I have carpal tunnel syndrome myself and had surgery for Ulnar entrapment last September. I also just finished hand therapy for tendinitis in my left elbow. I have received cortisone shots for the carpal tunnel and have wrist splints for it.

I highly recommend that you see your doctor though. Numbness in the fingers is usually nerve related and the sooner that it is treated the less chance of permanent damage.

Good luck and take care,


PS: I have included some links on the possible causes of your symptoms.

Q: Creeping numbness from fingers to the toes?
Could you tell me if a person who has numbness in the fingers that slowly creeps up the arm down the side of the body and down to the toes is symptomatic of anything of concern. There is no slurring of speech, paralysis or any lasting effect.

A: my dad had this.. turned out he had a pinched nerve in his spine.. have you ever tweaked your neck or back even in a slight way? if so see a doctor. worst case scenario: you will need a cervical fusion binding two ‘backbones’ together to eliminate the pinch. its a complex surgery with long recovery time.. but thats WORST CASE..

Q: Numbness in fingers after blood pressure taken?
I had a blood pressure procedure carried out 18 hours ago and I still have slight numbness in the ends of my fingers of my left hand (I am left handed).

What other symptoms would I have if damage had been done to an artery.

How would I know if I had a circulation problem from this.

Do you think some people would notice some discomfort in the hand even a day afterwards ?
Is this normal ??

A: More likely associated with a nerve than an artery.

Do a few exercises and stretches. If it’s still numb tomorrow see your doc. Another thing to note is that it could be completely unrelated to having your blood pressure taken.

Q: Numbness in fingers on both hands & sometimes toes?
I am all of a sudden having numbness in fingers and toes every hour or so. I have higher blood sugar due to polycystic ovarian syndrome, but not diabetic. I also am overweight, and have regular blood pressure. Can anyone tell me what this could be.
It is colder here (michigan) but I’ve never had this problem before. And I am on medication for sugar januvia.

A: Call the 24 nurse line. They have registered nurses available to answer questions like this anonymously. 1-877-825-5276. Good luck.

Q: What can be the cause of numbness in fingers?
Its not the case of Carpal tunnel syndrome.

A: Could be a pinched nerve in your spine/neck area. You should see a doctor or chiropractor to help you with your diagnosis and treatment options.

Q: What causes numbness of fingers?
The upper section of my thumb and first two fingers on my left hand are lacking in sensitivity. It feels as if I had burnt them but has lasted several weeks.

A: That sounds like carpel tunnel syndrome, if you tap on the inside part of your wrist and it brings on the numbness it definitely is. Go see your doc. xxx

Q: 37 weeks pregnant and experiencing numbness in fingers?
I noticed this a few days ago. My fingers get huge then they start to tingle then they go numb…

My hands are so swollen, so I’m thinking that has something to do with it (no pre-eclampsia…I have a blood pressure machine at home)…has anyone else gone through this?

A: Yes mine got worse while I was walking because my hands just dangled. It’s nothing to be worried about. It went away as soon as I had my baby. I found it helped to keep arms active.

Q: What could pain in right arm and shoulder with numbness in fingers be?

A: See your health care provider as soon as possible. Pain located around the shoulder is common and almost never poses a serious threat to life. Nonetheless, it can persist for a long time and cause discomfort and disability. Most of the time the pain comes from the soft tissues near the joint and not from the bones or the joint itself. These soft tissues include the ligaments (which connect one bone to another), tendons (which connect bone to muscle), and the bursae (little fluid-filled sacs at the joints).

Rotator cuff tendinitis
Bicep tendinitis

Your favorite sleeping position-like placing your hand under your pillow-could be numbing your right arm by putting pressure on a nerve. If so, feeling should return soon after you wake up and change position. Daytime numbness in your other hand most likely reflects a pinched nerve in your neck. Ask your doctor about being evaluated for disorders such as disk disease or arthritis of the neck, both of which are usually treatable with exercise, drugs, or as a last resort, surgery.

For bursitis, rotator cuff tendinitis, and bicep tendinitis, the key word is RIMS:

Maintenance of mobility
I hope this helps you. And good luck.

Q: What happened to my fingers? (numbness)?
Yesterday I went skiing all day. My hands were extremely cold to the point where they hurt. Now the finger tips of my ring, middle, and pinky finger on my right hand are numb. Whats wrong with my fingers? What can I do to regain feeling in them? I tired running them under hot water but it didnt help.

Also, I don’t have frost bite, because I don’t have the white spots.

A: Well what i do is i run my fingers under cool water. NOT cold or hot just cool then i use a towel and just rub them that really helps ;)

Q: What could numbness in your fingers mean?
My mom has started having numbness in her fingers. She is seeing the doctor tomorrow which is good and she’ll probably get an MRI. Now though I am worried because what if it was a stroke or something serious. (I am crying as I type this.) If anyone has any ideas please reasure me. :-) Thanks.

A: it could be a pinched nerve from the neck…arthritis, not to worry and it is not a stroke….you would know if it was…this is not…try not to worry to much, I know it is hard…something in the neck has probably been pinched or slipped/bulging…the mri will show what is going on…you’ll be okay…best of wishes for a speedy positive results!

Q: complete numbness in fingers and both sides of hand do i have carpal tunnel syndrome, if not what is it?
hi i am 22 and my little finger, ring finger palm and both sides of my hand have been numb for days, i went to the docs this morning and she said i had carpal tunnel syndrome and she was sending me to s surgan, however i have been reading up on CTS and non mention numbness in the little finger, could it still be CTS and if not, what? also will i still have to have surgary to fix this problem?

A: CTS does indeed cause numbness, sometimes in the hand and sometimes in the arm itself. I think it is a little drastic at this point to head straight for surgery, but it depends upon how long you wish to live with it. Some steps at home that can be taken are to wear a wrist brace that keeps your wrist in a neutral alignment, especially at night and to begin taking some ibuprofen. The brace relieves the pressure of CTS and eases the pain and the medicine will calm down the inflammation. Once the wrist becomes less inflamed, you can often go weeks or months without wearing the brace. This is how I deal with mine and I haven’t actually worn my brace in months. If I feel it starting to get bad again, then the brace goes on until it feels good once more.

Q: Numbness and tingling in fingers anyone know why?
My mom has been having numbness in her fingers. Now it is just tingling and she is more sensitive to heat and cold. Any ideas why?

A: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a big possibility. it is brought about by poor hand mechanics. typically someone that does a lot of repetitive things with their hands in a day (i.e., typing, factory work, car mechanics, knitting/sewing). it can also present as a referred issue from nerve impingement in the neck. it depends on where the nerve is pinched as to what the treatment will entail. if she works a job that uses her hands a lot, a brace to keep her wrist in a neutral position will help. have her doc send her to an occupational therapist.

Q: what can I do about the numbness in my fingers?
I have Palindromic Rheumatism, which is a bit like Arthritis. My wrist and hand are painful and two of my fingers are numb with a burning tingling. I’ve taken pain killers, but the numbness is not going away. Is there anything I can do about that?

A: Here are a few ways of releasing the muscles in the problem areas that you mentioned. It is one way that you may be able to get some relief:
With hand resting in front of you and your wrist bent half way closed, press down hard slightly behind the wrist and hold that pressure. After 30 seconds slowly open your wrist up as far as you can, release the pressure but hold your wrist open for another 30 seconds.
For the fingers, close the hand half way, open just enough so you can get in there with your other thumb and finger and put them on either side of one of the fingers, starting on the lower bone just above the knuckle that connects it to the hand. Press on the muscle from both sides and hold the pressure there for 30 seconds. Then very slowly open up your finger to full extension, release the pressure but hold the finger extended for another 30 seconds. Go back and move up to the next joint, just above that knuckle and repeat the process, doing the top knuckle if necessary. Then move on to the next finger and repeat the process.

Q: I have occassional numbness in my ring and pinky fingers. Doctor indicated this is from?
damage or pinching of the ulnar nerve. (most likely caused when I tripped and landed on my palm last month). Doctor advised avoiding further irritation of that area or the nerve.

However, I keep reinjuring the nerve and getting numbness in the fingers, probably because of everyday activities. (I am not doing any exertion to the area). How can I get better?

A: get a second opinion. see a specialist if possible. if the nerve is torn you may need surgery to fix it and if you wait too long, it may be too damaged to repair and you would have to live with it for the rest of your life.

Q: What is causing the numbness in my fingers?
About 2 Months ago I lost my temper and punched down onto a pretty solid table. I day or two later I really started to notice my left pinky and ring finger being extremely numb especially towards the tip of the fingers. Not to mention it became increasing difficult to grip anything firmly. It has gradually gotten better, but the hand is still a little tight and the tips of the two fingers are still slightly numb. Seems to be the worst in the morning and when I lean on my elbow. There is absolutely no pain.

A: You did some nerve damage some where in there. The ulnar nerve runs down the hand past the elbow. Its the sensation for the pinkie and one side of the ring finger. You need to go to a hand specialist and have it looked at.

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