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my hair is falling out

A: Oh my, I had the exact same problem for a a few months. lol. I am totally addicted to playing with different colors and styles, but the worst thing I did was bleach it, black it, and then bleach it, and then again, black it. The thing I found that worked best, even thought I hated it, was giving the blow dryer a break for a few months. I also used a wide-toothed comb, bought fairly expensive but well worth it shampoo and conditioner called Caviar by Alterna. Also, be careful because a lot of seemingly awesome hair treatments actually have alcohol in them which totally defeats the purpose. Like Biosilk is amazing, but it also causes some damage because it has alcohol in it.

Taking vitamins, getting rest and staying out of stressful situations also helps your hair. Condition your hair multiple times a week, get leave in conditioners that won’t weigh it down or make it nasty greasy, and try to find something with an SPF to protect it from further damage from the sun.

I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but washing with luke-warm water and rinsing with cold works wonders.

Hope your hair feels better!

Q: Hair still falling out nearly 9 months after having a baby – is this normal?
I had my baby 8.5 months ago and when she was 4 months old my hair started falling out. Four and a half months on it is still falling out LOADS and isn’t showing any signs of stopping!
My hair fell out after I had my son as well but it’s definitely going on much longer this time.

Is this normal? When will it stop?? I’ve only recently stopped breastfeeding – could this make a difference?

A: Hey! I just asked my doctor about this like 2 weeks ago, because my hair is also falling out! He said it’s normal for about the first 9 months or so, but if it’s still falling out than he would run some tests to check my hormone levels and make sure everything is ok. I love my doctor, he’s amazing! So I trust what he says. Maybe you should schedule an appointment :)

Q: How can I stop my hair from falling out?
I’m pretty sure it runs in the family, but I’ve noticed my hair falling out over the past year. My hair is usually really thick but it’s literally coming out in hand fulls now. When I take showers it just falls out, and throughout the day it comes out just not as much. My hair is still fairly thick but I want it to stop falling out. Are there any products out there that can prevent this, or should I just let it go?

A: # Trim your hair regularly—half an inch a month at the most and every three or four months at the least. Clipping the ends keeps the strands healthy and strong. At the same time, it removes split ends.

# eat healthy

# Limit the amount of chemicals you put in your hair. Over use of perms and color can damage the hair shaft.

# Massage your scalp regularly to stimulate blood circulation in the scalp to promote growth.

# try this great effective remedy , it will make wonders on ur hair
mix castor oil + olive oil
apply it on ur hair for 4 hours

Q: My chihuahua has hair falling out on the tips of his ears. The skin is dark grey & flaky where the hairs gone.
It started with bumps on his head, then scabs in the inside of his ears. He wasn’t scratching and he had no fleas. Now, its soley located on the tips of his ears, where it isnt pink, but grey and dry. On the dry areas, his hair is falling out. Any ideas? This has been going on for a few months and it doesn’t seem to bother my pooch.

A: The one thing that comes to my mind is Sarcoptic mange. It usually starts with the tips of the ears and causes hair loss, but usually dogs are also very itchy. Mange is also hard for a vet to properly diagnose since the critters that cause the itching live under the skin. A simple test you can do at home is fold over the tip of the ear so it touches the skin on the inner part of the ear flap (not in the ear canal) and gently rub the tip against the inner part to see if this causes him to want to scratch. If it does he most likely has mange, but even if he doesn’t try to scratch he still may have mange. Take him to see the vet so they can properly diagnose his problem.

Q: Any formulas or tips on letting your hair grow? Also, any tips on keeping your hair from falling out?
My hair is actually long and curly but i despise it when hair falls out sometimes.!!! When hair does fall out, it keeps your hair from growing any longer then it already is…So does anyone have any tips on stopping my hair from falling out?

A: Aromatherapy formulas using essential oils such as carrotseed, peppermint, basil etc. are very effective and stimulating new hair growth. You can read about how it works here: http://ezinearticles.com/?Aromatherpy-for-Hair-Loss—-How-It-Works&id=851558
The formulas must be very potent and not highly diluted. You can make your own or purvhase from the source below.

Q: Why does my dog have hair falling out in clumps?
My dog is a chocolate lab about 8 to 9 years old from humane society. This started about 3 weeks ago – he has these big scabs with hair falling out in clumps all around them. Does anyone have guess as to what this could be from and what is it?

A: could be something simple as fleas or allergic reaction or something a little more serious like a thyroid condition. You need to take the dog to your vet and have a professional diagnosis.

Q: Is there a shampoo you can use to stop hair falling out?
I’ve used dye to my hair which I think why my hair falls out so much. Balls of hair everywhere everytime I shower and all. When I sqeeve the excess water from my hair after a shower, hair covered on my hands.

Anything I can use on my hair to stop it from falling out?

A: Shampoo is chemical which can cause more damage so it is better to try these natural remedies which are soft on already weak damaged hair. Two egg white mixed with two tablespoon of yogurt can be applied for 30 minutes and then washed,when done at least once a week prevents hair loss . Check out http://usefulinfo-hairloss.blogspot.com/ for more info.

Q: How can I stop my hair falling out?
I eat healthy, do not starve, eat enough vitamins and so on, haven’t bleached my hair in forever. I don’t use heat to style it either. Why is my hair falling out? How can I keep it from falling out?

A: Everyones hair falls out, forget out it, it’s normal. But if you are pulling out Clumps….i mean like big clumps…then see a doctor.

Q: Why is my dogs hair falling out in spots?
My dog is 11 months old and her hair is falling out in little(and i mean little) spots just on her back. they arent irritated spots or anything just balding spots. she acts normal and has never had problems with the food she is eating. she has been eating the same way since we got her at 3 months and hasnt gotten into anything unusual. im wondering if maybe she just has thin hair and is shedding (she is a short hair dog) or maybe if it could be a skin disease.

A: It could be anything or nothing. If there is no itching, scratching, scabs or other physical signs or behavioral issues it really could just be normal shedding. Only a Vet can say for sure.

Think about everything around your dog and yourself (and I mean everything) that could have changed or be a new exposure.

* Mold/mildew (common when houses are closed up a lot in winter),
* stressors such as being inside or outside or home alone more.
* Food, too much/little of a nutrient (had a lab/pit that could not eat high protein dog food & a cat that had to eat low ash food). Many pet food companies changed their recipies ever so slightly after the recall.
* flea/ticks/mites/lice/chiggers,
*Mange, scabies & ringworm are possible but generally show more signs then just hair loss including bumps, scabs & itching.
*Rubbing on something like crawling under a bed or coffee table (one of my dogs rubs a smooth bald spot on his chest just walking through the dog door all the time),

skin irritation or allergy from just about anything:
* pollen,
*shampoo, yours or the dogs
* lotions, talc’s & powders
* laundry soap or fabric softener on bedding
* carpet deodorizing sprays or granules,
* lawn fertilizer, herbicides, pesticides, soil,
* Other animals such as cats (I had a cockier that was allergic to dirt & cat dander).

Could be simple Hot spots, but they usually do feel hot or appear red. Seborrhea or dry skin from too much bathing, swimming or even climate change (my friends dog gets dry skin every winter & usually includes some dandruff flake which is cured by adding moisture to the air and oils to the diet). Most dogs shed when the weather changes and depending on the breed and conditions, they shed a lot or a little and they can grow thicker coats or a thinner one.

There are many diseases and conditions it could be. Thyroid conditions cause hair loss in humans.

Think it through, see a Vet if all else fails.

I would not make radical changes to your dogs diet if you believe it is food related, this can upset your puppies tummy so any food changes should be made gradually by adding more of the new food and less of the old food over a week or more, depending on how the dog reacts.

Q: Could I get my hair bleach-blonde without it falling out if my hair is already somewhat blonde?
I really want bleach blonde hair, like almost white. But I know its really hard to get that done and it didn’t work the last time I tried it, but at the time I had brown hair. Now my hair is golden blonde. I haven’t dyed it a year. If I do try to dye it bleach blonde, I’ll get it done at a salon, but could they make it happen without my hair falling out? Would they have to bleach it more than once?

A: Yeah, i actually went from a dark brown to a pretty light blonde 2 days ago. My hair isn’t falling out, but im not going to lie, it’s kinda crunchy for the time being. I had to bleach mine twice though. The key is to condition like crazy afterwards.

Q: Is my hair falling out alot the reason why my hair is growing slowly?
My hair hasn’t been growing long in like the past year 1/2
it has like a little but i have been measuring it and not alot, only like one inch in the past year

and i have been noticing my hair has been falling out ALOT. Like i just took a shower and i combed my hair and alot fell out.

How? Why? How to prevent? Could this be the reason why my hair is growing slowly?
No I dont put anything in my hair. Barely flat iron, no hair products except shampoo/conditioner

A: Well because maybe you have alot of split ends and or you straighten your hair to much and it could be from putting to much hairspray

Q: What are some shampoos or vitamins I can use to stop my hair falling out so much?
My hair has been falling out quite more than I think is normal- because of malnutrition. While I work on that problem, are there any special shampoos or vitamins I can use to help stop it from falling out so much? I am 15 years old.

A: try fructisse products or any product for that matter that will strengthen your hair.

Q: What can I do to stop my hair from falling out so easily?
I’m 28 year old man, and with a head full of hair as thick as a horse, but even if I run my hands though my hair softly hair falls out and it’s on my hand. It’s been like this my whole life, but is there something I can buy to help it or prevent my hair from falling out so easily?

A: I’m not too sure on if it really works, but using Mane & Tail shampoo has really good reviews for helping that out. My mother uses it and says it works wonders, and their site has good testimonials too. I personally have a bit of a pride issue with using shampoo derived from animal care shampoos… but if it works, then it works.

Q: Why does my hair keep falling out and how can i keep the natural curls?
I’m 16, and i dye my hair quite a lot. It’s down to the length just before my waist and is naturally wavy. But whenever i wash my hair or brush it or even touch it hair falls out and now my natural waves are starting to go. What can i do to stop my waves going and to stop my hair falling out? I was thinking about getting it cut short but don’t really know if i want to. Please help :)

A: firstly stop dying. u r 2 young to die ur hair.
get some amlas and grate it and then apply its juice to ur hair. its a natural way of dying. it will take some time bt will work surely.
and if u have alovera plant at ur place then apply its inner gel to ur hair this will smoothen ur hair n will stop hair fall
and to maintain natural curls just wrap ur hair in opposite direction when they r some wht wet and pin them up.
after an hour open ur hair n u will get wht u want

Q: Is this the reason why my hair is falling out?
Okay…so I’ve been using “horse shampoo” to make my hair grow faster and thicker like what others have told me so and so far it works great for the first week and then after that, my hair starts falling off like how it use to…BUT i notice that my BABY HAIR is growing like crazy all over my head…and im just wondering…is this the reason why my hair falls out, because NEW hair is growing out and pushing some of the other (maybe old) hairs out?

A: high likely, due to its rapid abnormal growth of the hair, your body is incapable of supplying enough nutrients to maintain in.

Its like people who tries to grow their hair, they have to get it cut once in awhile because near the end hair will curl (nutrient is not getting sent). Through time body will adept and allow long health hair.
but the method you have chosen is to the extend where not even curling can take place rather the hair falls off.

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